Take advantage of this final training of the year in Austin, Texas on Saturday and Sunday, December 29 & 30, and start the new year with tools that will help you deliver greater results, accelerate effective transformation, empower your teams, and manage change within your organization. 

AGENDA for Saturday December 29
Duration: 8:30am – 2pm

We will perform the groundwork and discuss topics that will engage you in thinking about your work and the factors that influence it. Although we will speak about fundamentals, the discussion is geared to benefit all levels, from the entry level associate to executives with frustrations in managing change and delivering innovation.

  1. Fundamentals of Change
  2. Management, Leadership, and the Innovator Mindset
  3. Putting technology in its place
  4. What it really means to be Agile
  5. Obstacles, frustrations, and real-world scenarios

AGENDA for Sunday December 30
Duration: 8:30am – 2pm

Sunday will continue on the topics discussed on Saturday, and continue to tackle real scenarios drawn from workshop participants. We will work on and continue to expand on best practices and methods, ensuring you have the tools you need to begin making change the next day at work.

Space is Limited.