Improve the speed and efficiency of your field service operation with Salesforce Field Service Lightning.

Small, Medium, and Enterprise clients have utilized Salesforce field service platform to:

  • Create work orders more quickly and effectively
  • Optimize scheduling and dispatching and intelligently assign jobs
  • Use localization to maximize time on task and reduce travel time
  • Harness Einstein AI to increase first time resolution
  • Gain greater reporting and transparency on field activities
  • Utilize mobile first technology
  • Let automations take care of low value repetitive work so your team can focus on important, higher value tasks and operations
  • Make more intelligent decisions know Knowledge, recommendations, and internal communication features
  • Manage partners and vendors with Community Cloud
  • Manage invoicing, customer service, and other business functions all in one centralized and secure place

Industries and Applications

Energy – Oil, Gas, Solar, Wind, General Utilities
Fleet Management – Transportation and Delivery
Vendor Management – Contract Service Providers
Mobile Technician Enablement and Work Order Management
Healthcare – Medical Devices and Laboratory Equipment
Offshore – Drilling and Marine Services
Smart Home Appliance Maintenance
Construction and Landscaping
Teams such as Movers, Installers, Cleaners, and more.


Take your journey to the next level with remote sensing and IoT. Become proactive in fixing issues, saving downtime that otherwise results in due to reactive operations to malfunctions.

IoT allows for predictive service model, maximizing equipment uptime, reducing maintenance visits, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction due to reliability.