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Predictive Analytics on Demand

Not every project or organization is able to secure a permanent data scientist to their team, nor the resources to explore the value extracted from machine learning applied to their existing available and potential data sets. RETHINK Innovation Management helps you better understand the information that is available to you, and how to make discoveries that can impact every aspect of your business or mission.

Partner with us to deliver greater value from your data, making confident decisions backed by intelligent algorithms – doing so when you need to the most, within strategic meetings, not after them.



Action / Behavior Forecasting

Agriculture | Yield / Land Use Management

Channel Optimization

Chemical | Biomarker Identification /  Moledular discovery & analysis

Churn | Discount / Reactivation Targeting

Customer Segmentation / Cross Selling / Recommendation Algorithms

Customer Management | Support Forcasting

Demand Forecasting

Healthcare | Attrition / Capacity / Compliance / Diagnostics /

Mobility / Transportation | Shared Services / Resource Management / Mobility on Demand

Predicting Lifetime Value (LTV) / Pricing

Logistics | Airport / Traffic / Flight Pattern / Pricing / Scheduling

Risk Analysis

Security | Fraud / Malware Detection