It’s easy to get caught up in process. Building right, however, means building the right thing.

The days of a minimum viable product are gone. It’s easy to build a viable product. It’s far more difficult to build a minimum lovable product; not something people can learn to work with or have to deal with, but one people actually want to use, or even look forward to using.

Design and Agile delivery are key elements, but building the right thing takes experimentation. You never know if your approach or solution was the right one, or the best one, or if there is a better one out there, unless you test it. 

Lean innovation helps:

  • Build and value quality as part of the process
  • Reduce waste, and keep waste in check¬†
  • Plan, but don’t over plan
  • Deliver fast, and often – test the smallest pieces that you can, know which pieces matter, and why.
  • Deliver with people in mind – both users, and your team
  • Document and share what you’ve learned to
  • Continually improve and optimize your value stream