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What is Innovation Management

Innovation arises out of imagination. But it’s more than just the things that we dream about – it’s the dreams that we turn into reality.

Management is developing and maintaining the processes that optimize the energy spent realizing a vision, ensuring that development is driven by strategy, and business is driven by information.

RETHINK is an innovation accelerator, going beyond management, and providing leadership, empowerment, imagination, and method.

RETHINK’s parters and network allows us to deliver services that scale to your business, from ideation through production and growth.



We join your team and understand the dynamics, capabilities, and direction within any program or project. We also get to know your organization beyond the scope of the particular project, to ensure strategic alignment, as well as where the initiative fits within the larger picture.

We assume an agile framework within your organization, though we appreciate and understand waterfall, especially with our federal partners. We work with the team to foster best practices, encourage innovative thinking, and develop processes that empower, enable, and optimize.

Some of the work we do is training and coaching, prototyping and documenting, business development and marketing – what we’re there to do is help you lead, solve problems, and grow your business.



We certainly can, and will partner with organizations that need to get a hold of their change management and transformation initiatives. This includes organizations who simply need to develop better practices and tools around quality assurance, customer service, or any other business service. We can recommend tools, help set them up and have them configured to your needs. Where we thrive is in innovation.

The reason is simple. We are creative people first – using imagineering over engineering. We don’t want a solution. We want solutions that look ahead.



Who doesn’t want to make an impact on humanity and society? This is where our passions and interests lie. But we live by this motto – even a janitor at NASA is responsible for space exploration, and that role like any other can be improved, accelerating innovation.


Partner with us. Let’s RETHINK the future together.