Innovation is mindset, applied. Innovation draws from the individual, unleashing potential and empowering action.

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Innovation Thinking – Workshop

One Day and Two Day Workshops are available for both organizations and individuals who want to think about their work, products, and solutions differently. It’s normal to develop habits that work, but it’s important to identify areas of improvement, especially when those improvements lead to improved quality of life.

Innovation Thinking Workshops topics include:

  • Vision – what motivates us, and how to imagine a better world
  • Mission – ideas are great. How are you going to do it differently
  • Design Approach & Fundamentals – Design thinking, human-centered design, agile design, lean design, and from wireframe to prototype
  • Interface Design vs Experience Design
  • Branding, and how it defines you
  • Design, Unleashed – innovation is design / design is innovation – what this really means, and what this means to you

Innovation Management Training

Two Day and Three Day Workshops are available for both organizations and individuals who want to manage their work, projects, and people differently. Learn about the best practices and methods to be more effective, efficient, impactful, and empowering.

Innovation Management Workshop topics include:

  • Leadership vs Management – know the difference and how to do both
  • Agile & Waterfall
  • Push versus Pull
  • Kanban – it’s not just a visualization
  • Projects, Project Tasks, and the activities that keep you from them
  • Best Practices / Lessons Learned
  • Utilities – using technology wisely
  • Management infrastructure for Innovation – hierarchy, accountability, roles, and responsibilities¬†

All workshops include concepts that are key to innovation. They include:

  • Listening – active, mindful listening takes more than awareness, and requires one to check the “ready to speak” persona at the door
  • Continual curiosity – seek to discover; seek to be proven wrong by learning the evolution of what you already know today
  • Emotional Intelligence – intuition of knowing how to ask the data the right questions; the answer is always in the way you ask
  • Empathy driven collaboration
  • Innovation Lifecycle – struggles and frustrations
  • Adoption – getting your workplace to innovate¬†