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Innovation Labs Accelerating Intelligent Change

Innovation Labs Accelerating Intelligent Change

Every industry is catalyzed by the ideas that push the capabilities of human existence. Innovation arises out of asking questions, trying new things, and staying true to the core of your business, while realizing the opportunities around you. Knowing the landscape by gathering and utilizing information to drive change and foster creativity will develop innovative ideas as a part of the business, ensuring a successful future for the organization.

Business Intelligence has been driving organizational change and informing product decisions for a very long time. Data visualization is becoming more dynamic, giving managers and analysts greater control of the information that can be utilized to address organizational needs. With collaborative work environments and an agile workforce in a fast moving business environment, having access to information is critical to innovating and delivering on ideas.

Innovation Management Platforms, an extension and focused vertical of business intelligence (BI) and business process management (BPM) software, allows organization to recognize and capitalize on ideas, developing products based on insights from the past, with a vision of the future.

What is Innovation? Here is a great video I saw on Fast Company:





A more powerful integration of innovation into an organization ecosystem is the adoption of an innovation management application that rests on a cloud-based Software as a Platform (SaaP) where all internal applications reside, and within which all reporting and metrics can be obtained.

A big player in innovation management (as well as BI and BPMS in general) is SAP. Here is a great pitch for what innovation means to an organization, and what a software platform that helps you manage this change would look like.



Innovation is a challenge in all industries, and in many, innovation is not just something novel, but core to the idea. In fields such as medicine, sustainable resource management, or security management, just to name a few, innovation means staying ahead and addressing critical challenges of our day.

RETHINK Innovation Labs is our solution to working with your organization to understand the challenges you face in developing your product, and accelerating and managing innovation as part of your culture.

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