There are always many possible solutions to a problem, and many ways at deriving those ideas based on how you ask the question. At RETHINK, explore the problem through more than one lens.

Design Thinking helps us focus on the need first. What problem are we trying to solve, and how else are others trying to solve that or a similar problem? Proper research helps us identify what’s available today, so that we can deliver the solution of the future to existing customers.

Venture Thinking focuses on new businesses and possibilities. This is not new customers for existing products, or new products for existing customers. The focus on new products for new customers allows for diversity, and allows an organization to evolve with changing time.

Human Centric Design focuses on making experiences better. Knowing both why and how people use a product, and being cognizant of improving their experience helps you create products that people enjoy using.

Innovation Thinking reminds of a critical point: that innovation is design, and design is innovation. People are going to dedicate time and passion to a project – make it count!