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About Innovation Management




Innovation as a Service

RETHINK Innovation Management is passionate about making the world a better place. We view technology as an enabler, and innovation as a path to creating a smarter future. Managing that change is where we thrive, empowering teams to bring forward new ideas, and accelerated delivery.

RETHINK was founded in 2006 as an application development shop, and became one of the first branded marketing application companies on the web, working with companies like GAP, YogaJournal, and Warner Brother’s Records, publishing on platforms that have long been forgotten, like Piczo and Bebo, and those that have changed and rebranded heavily since then, like MySpace. With the advent of Facebook Application development, our focus shifted to developing branded social applications beyond social networks.



We’ve a long way since then, working with stakeholders, developers, and passionate subject matter experts in various industries and around the world. What is it we do? We empower teams to think big, and accelerate change.




2006 | RETHINK was called FancyGens — one of the first “widget” shops, developing social applications for MySpace, and anywhere else on the web.

2007 | FancyGens launches Mashface.com (sold in 2008) — allowed users to upload headshots and apply filters, backgrounds, and text, creating custom images to be shared on social profiles.

2008 | FancyGens becomes RETHINK Interactive Media — Branded Social Applications, as demand for custom applications grew.

2009 | RETHINK Interactive Media shifts focus from application development to Digital Presence, expanding the portfolio to including website development, marketing, online branding, search optimization, and eCommerce. This shift was largely due to a shift in client demand.

2010 | Client requirements begin to shift towards product and project management responsibilities, including coaching on agile methodologies, and improving processes in software development.

2012 | RETHINK Innovation Management continues to develop professional services, including business transformation and management support.

2016 | RETHINK Innovation Management begins advocacy in roles and industries to ensure forward-looking, sustainable, renewable, and scalable considerations.